According to Canva, people actually respond pretty well to beautifully-designed websites. That means that if you are trying to put up an e-commerce website, you have to adhere to certain design trends that will not only let your customers know about your brand, but to also entice them to stay and actually buy from your store because of its beautiful design.

Wait, what exactly is an e-commerce website? Well, a website can do many things. It can help provide information, it could help group people up, and it can also help with business owners wanting to sell their products online. The latter is actually what an e-commerce website is- the ability for business owners to be able to showcase their products in an online platform where their customers can buy from there.

To build such a website, you will need to use an e-commerce platform such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. There are many advantages as to why you want to use them to establish your online store.

First, they can help you design a beautiful website. Second, you can implement as many e-commerce features that you want quickly and easily. Third, having an online store created using the platform builder is easy and will not require any technical experience (at least, most of them).

So today, I want to talk about some of the best practices when designing such websites.

1. Utilize White Space

Have you visited some popular websites recently? You may find that there are some areas that do not have any elements on it. Well, that area is known as the white space.

The white space is actually important because it not only allows your customers’ eyes to rest for a bit, but it will also accentuate the products that you have on offer. In other words, it would be easier for you to have your consumers’ fixated on the things that you are selling as opposed to any other part of your website.

2. Responsive Design

As more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet, e-commerce website owners should make it a point to make their webpages mobile-friendly.

To do that, you can employ responsive web design. Without getting all too-technical, it is a web design language that helps your website’s elements conform to smaller device displays.

3. Put Your Products Front and Center

What is the main reason why you want to build an e-commerce website? Well, I can tell that you want to gain some profits using the platform, right?

Well, in order for you to do that, you should place some high-quality images of the products that you sell. Not only that but you want to integrate them in a way that will help your customers’ eyes get fixated on them (if you are reading this far, you know that I am referring to white space).

4. Make It Easy for Your Customers to Contact You

If you provide your customers with an avenue to contact you easily, then that would be great. They might have questions or concerns about what you are selling and being able to contact you breeds trust.

5. Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Abandoned shopping carts are actually a common occurrence and there are plenty of reasons why that happens. First, they might be turned off by your tedious checkout process. Second, they found out that you do not offer free shipping.

These are just some of the reasons why and if you can make it a point to fix these problems, then you will have no problem.

6. FAQ

Lastly, since there are some products that would require specific information and if you find that people actually have quite common questions, then you can just establish a frequently asked questions page to address all of them in one go.

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