Melaka is one of the places that is located in Malaysia. It is one of the more interesting parts of the country mainly because of its diverse cultural background.
The place was colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch, and even the British people, so you can expect that their food, as well as their architecture, is somewhat inspired by these colonizers.
The place also happens to have one of the largest Chinese communities in Malaysia known as the Peranakan.
There are plenty of things that you can do in this place, but one thing that I want you to experience as a man would be to try their pride Melaka girl escorts.
Anyway, here are some other things that you can do:

Taming Sari Revolving Tower

One of the tallest structures in Melaka, the Taming Sari Revolving Tower stands 110 meters tall and can hold a total of 66 passengers at any time.
The entire ride would take roughly 7 minutes to complete and as the ride goes up, you can already see the amazing view of Melaka.

Sultanate Palace

This is one of Melaka’s cultural structures. The Sultanate Palace was established back in 1456 which was dedicated to Sultan Mansur Shah.
Since then, the palace had received many renovations and with the use of some clever engineering, the palace still stands strong to this day.

Jonker Walk Night Market

The Jonker Walk Night Market is located at Jalan Hang Jebat and is only available during the weekends starting Friday.
This is definitely the place to be when you are in Melaka to shop as you can find a lot of different goods, including a unique selection of antiques, fun souvenirs, and local handicrafts, to name a few.
You are not limited to finding stuff, though, as there are some food stalls that offer some snacks as well.

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

This museum was built to commemorate the famous seaman, Admiral Cheng. The museum is filled with a lot of Maritime Memorabilia and objects that the Admiral has amassed during his years.

St. Paul’s Church

As mentioned earlier, Melaka was colonized by Portuguese and one of the religions that are practiced in this part of Malaysia is Christianity.
Having said that, one of the many amazing churches in Melaka is the St. Paul Church. This is a rather old church that dates back in 1521. The place wasn’t originally known by that moniker. In fact, it was once called ‘Our Lady of Annunciation’ back in the day.
Still, the church is situated on top of a small hill, which would require you to do some hiking. But, upon arriving at the church, you will have somewhat of an overlooking view of the entire city.

River Cruise

And, after an entire day’s worth of hiking, you can rest with your friends, family, or partner by going on a river cruise at the Melaka River.
The river has a rich historical background as it was once used as a means for trading ships to barter goods and services.
The nighttime maritime cruise can last up to 60 minutes, but it usually averages around 45-50.

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