Malacca has too many to offer to its visitors, that’s why it’s not surprising to find wallet-friendly things to do in the city. Traveling alone can save you a lot and having a Melaka girl escort can be fun without affecting your budget. Here are the things you can do in Malacca that will make your wallet stay fat:

1. Visit the Religious Landmarks

You can tour the historic sites around the city for free. Don’t miss the following great tourist attractions.

  • Christ Church Melaka
  • The Red Square
  • Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
  • St. Paul’s Church Melaka
  • A’Famosa Fort

2. Fill Your Tummy at Kopitiam

Start your day at a traditional coffee shop ,kopitiam, like a local and have a hearty breakfast. For many Malaysians, butter kaya toast, or roti bakar, is a staple breakfast, particularly in various places like Melaka. Have a few telur separuh masak (soft-boiled eggs) on the side to complete your dinner.

3. View the Massive Portoguese Ships

The Maritime Museum and the Melaka Naval Museum are next to Christ Church, and if you’re already in the city, you can easily walk to the museums. Here you can reach a huge Portuguese ship over 34 meters high and find fantastic displays featuring ancient spices, cloth, silk and porcelain.

4. Eat a Variety of Seafood

Seafood, especially during the rainy season, can be expensive in Malaysia. Check out Medan Ikan Bakar Parameswara in the coastal village of Umbai, however, to enjoy an affordable seafood spread in different cooking styles. Here, to ensure freshness, you can select your own seafood and decide what kind of dish or cooking style you want.

5. Tour the Dutch-Inspired Buildings

The A’Famosa Freeport is an open-air shopping area in the colonial era. This retail experience will take you back in time, selling over 70 designers and high street brands with a 30 to 70 percent discount. Versace, Melinda Looi, Ed Hardy, Adidas, Jordan, Akemi, and Poney are some of the brands you can consider.

6. Cruise and Enjoy the City View

Witness all of Melaka’s beauty by meandering with Melaka River Cruise along its river. The 45-minute ride will take you past an old warehouse, churches, several iconic buildings and other sites including Melaka’s Ghost Bridge to various historic villages such as Kampung Morten and Kampung Jawa.

7. Shop ‘til You Drop on Jonker Street

The Night Market at Jonker Street is full of wonderful surprises waiting to be discovered if you’re in bargain shopping and are ready to go on a hunt for some nice souvenirs. A wide range of vendors can be located here in the center of Chinatown, and you can haggle your way to a bargain.

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