1. Select a portable content management system in order to avoid lock-in.

There are tons of good website hosting companies in Malaysia, but times change. Management
acquisitions, changes and technology alter web hosting plans. See to it that your website is not
locked in to any web hosting provider. The best decision is to use a reliable open source content
management system. WordPress is one of the best web builders and CMS you can use.

2. Own your domain name.

Whether you are a personal blogger or ecommerce website owner, you must have your own
domain. That way, you can move to another web host, if needed, and earn all of the SEO

3. Contemplate on the amount of hand-holding you will need.

Basic customer support and service provide access to phone support, ticket and email. However,
turnaround times vary a lot. Some of web hosts even provide 24-hour telephone support. The
limiting component to an unmanaged hosting service is that while vendors answer inquiries
about basic configuration, they can’t function as your systems manager. If you wish to delegate
website management completely, consider getting a managed hosting service.

4. Estimate the amount of traffic you will get.

Be completely honest with yourself regarding this. Web hosts generally charge depending on
bandwidth and storage usage. If you are not expecting a big number of visitors, bandwidth would
be low. Though, if your content suddenly goes viral, you need a bigger bandwidth to keep up
with the surge.

5. Understand all server types.

Familiarize yourself with different types of servers. Do you think you need shared hosting?
Shared hosting limits your access to some server capabilities. This means you can’t upload files
via SFTP or FTP, and there will be no shell access. VPS is another option. However, before
finalizing your deal with a web host, research on server management and maintenance.

6. Beware of unlimited offers.

A lot of web hosting provides out there say that they can provide unlimited bandwidth and
storage for just a small amount each month. This deal is too good to be true. It’s certainly not
what it seems to be.

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