1. SiteGround

While several website hosts go to great lengths to showcase their ecommerce website features, others barely mention it. SiteGround is an example of this. You wouldn’t see a big “create your online store here” headline. Yet, when you go through the hosting information, even the most basic shared hosting package has tons of ecommerce power. Do you want to work with a web host that combines template-based designs with professional functionality and features? Then, look no further than SiteGround.

2. Liquid Web

Looking for the best hosting service in Malaysia for your website is challenging and overwhelming. If you want to transform your online store into a powerful platform, you might
want to consider Liquid Web. The WooCommerce plans under Liquid Web are quite expensive,
but it’s a good investment. These hosting packages can easily overpower the baseline efforts of their competition.

3. Wix

In Wix, you can create an online store in just a few minutes–no coding experience and technical knowledge required. If you are new in the ecommerce field, creating an online store can be intimidating and complicated. But, through Wix, you will realize that that is not always the case.
Its website builder comes with beautiful ecommerce website templates that can be easily customized through its editor.

4. iPage

If you want to go for a web host with a lower cost, go for iPage. It can be limited in some areas, but if you want a humble start for your online store, this is a good option. Launching an
ecommerce platform is not always an expensive business. You just need to find the right web
host that can cater to your needs. iPage makes it easy for clients to design your ecommerce

5. 1&1 IONOS eCommerce Web Builder/Online Shop

This web host allows you to connect your online store to Amazon Marketplace and eBay.
Amazing, right? That way, you can reach more customers. 1&1 IONOS eCommerce Web
Builder/Online Shop is a brilliant tool that combines basic template-based website store layouts great functionality. Its templates will fuel your website speed quickly. There isn’t a lot of layouts available, but they look pretty, and can be easily customized to meet your needs.

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