1. Luxury watch gifts are fake.

Are you looking for watches for women in Malaysia? Well, who knows? Your grandmother or
father might just give pass down a valuable piece to you. Believe it or not it’s possible for luxury
watches to be sold and inherited. Doubting inheritance gifts is an expensive mistake.

2. All timepieces on eBay and Craig’s List are fake.

Many years ago, buying a luxury watch at Craig’s List or eBay is a mistake. By just looking at
its photo, you can say that it is fake. Today, that’s no longer the case. As watch manufacturers
incorporate more counterfeit measures, lots of counterfeiters copy them. At present, there are
tons of super fakes out there waiting to be discovered.

3. Fake timepieces are a lot lighter than genuine ones.

Counterfeit watches and genuine ones are at the same weight. Fake watch makers are now
utilizing the same exact ETA movements as the reputable, original manufacturers.

4. It is not really complicated.

According to some people, watch complications never work on fake timepieces. Well, not all the
time. There are many luxury watches that don’t have complications except the date. This can
very much work on a fake timepiece. Therefore, this complication matter is typically not helpful
in differentiating the fake watches from the real ones.

5. A genuine watch movement equates to a genuine timepiece.

It’s wrong to think that the movements of genuine and fake watches are not the same. A lot of
watch brands today purchase their movements from ETA. This is the biggest mechanical
timepiece supplier. This means that even counterfeiters can now get Japanese or Chinese reproductions.

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